Money-Saving Choice For Your Reception: A Wedding Tent

The truth behind weddings

We all know what a wedding looks like. Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that having a wedding would cost a fortune. It would defeat the culture if after the wedding, no reception would take place. The ceremony is great, do not get me wrong. However, we also need to think about other things. The cost of the gown, the entourage costs, the food, the reception, the flowers, the venue and even the church since most of the churches now would ask for donations once a wedding ceremony is held. It just is not easy.

Do it yourself!

If you think the cost would drown you, you could always decide to do it yourself. So how can we make this happen?

Old clothes

Instead of getting a well-known designer, tailor and couturier, you could always use old dresses for the ladies and old suit and tie for the guys. It would not be necessary to even pay for a wedding organizer if you decide to design everything yourself to begin with. Old dress laces with similar colors can be cut and be sewn simply and match the dresses’ designs with each other. The suit, tie and slacks for the guys can basically just be their existing ones. They just need to mix and match their clothes in a way where their clothes would more or less look the same. Easy as that!

Front or back yard

The ceremony itself can be done in your front or back yard. If you think it is not big enough, you can always ask a favor from a family member or a close friend who has one and get the ceremony done there instead. Imagine the amount you save!

Affordable food

Others actually hold their receptions in expensive hotels. I do not think that is practical enough. I would suggest having a catering instead. Or, if your friends or extended family members love you enough, you can ask them if they would be willing to cook for your wedding instead. This way, all you have to worry is the amount you’ll pay for the groceries.

The wedding tent

Given the circumstances where you actually celebrate the ceremony and the reception in your front or back yard, you would not want the rain to ruin the beautiful, intimate moment. In this case, you may want to ready a big enough tent for everyone to fit.

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