Smarter Financial Choice: Renting Or Buying Event Tents?

There are so many different takes about buying tents or renting tents as people have their own opinion about it. I seriously think the answer to this would depend on how often the tent will be used and what kind of tent this is. Anyway, if you think you are a one time tent user, it is best to actually just rent. Considering the amount of one tent, it would be best to just rent and pay for a certain amount if necessary. However, if you are someone who uses the tents regularly, renting tents would only just suck your money out. In this scenario, buying tents is better.

Benefits of renting a tent

  • One time charge
  • No problem in storage
  • Cost efficient
  • No problem in setting up

One time charge

Tents are not cheap. Depending on the kind of tent you use, a certain amount would have to be the bracket of how much tents are. It may actually be cheaper for you if you rent especially if the occasion is just a one time thing.

No problem in storage

Because you just rented the tent out, you would not have to worry about where to store the tents after usage. All you need to worry is for the owner to pick it up, disassemble and then it would be up to them where they store it.

Cost efficient

Because you only get charged one time for it, it becomes really, really cost efficient for renters. It would not be too heavy for them and can rent out again incase another once in a blue moon occasion happens.

No problem in setting up

Of course, the set up would be hassle free. The owner would have to set it up together with his team without worrying the renter how. This, by far, the best part.

There are so many advantages in renting out tents. However, if you use tents most often than not, I would rather suggest you buy one instead. You can even have it rented out instead of having it the other way around. This would definitely depend on the usage. Also, if big tents are mostly used, buying them would be so much better because renting them out would cost a fortune! So, you see, there are a lot of factors as to deciding whether to buy tents or rent tents.

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Hiring Elderly Caregivers For Loved Ones? Check References Carefully

Everyday, it has been difficult to leave your beloved grandma and grandpa by themselves at home considering their age. It is more difficult even if these are your parents. As seniors age, things at home get harder. It is more difficult to move around than the usual, to change your clothes and even prepare your food. Sometimes, it would also be harder to even clean yourself up because of how difficult it is to move your body at some point. In this time of their lives, it would really be best to have professional care to take care of them and look after them everyday.

Benefits of professional elderly caregivers

  • Senior independence
  • Flexible availability
  • Personalized needs
  • Provide companionship and decrease loneliness
  • Provide insight and detect changes
  • Extra help and peace of mind
  • Cost efficient

Senior independence

Losing independence due to aging can actually lead to depression that is why it is best that they keep their independence. With elderly caregivers around, they would feel that they still have that power over themselves and consider doing things by themselves at home. They would feel that someone can relate with them despite their age.

Flexible availability

Because of caregivers being able to give most of their time to their patients, they would feel that they are not alone. The feeling of loneliness subsides and in fact, they would feel more confident that someone has a schedule flexible enough to be available for them.

Personalized needs

Because the caregivers are designed to help them, they would feel that their needs are personalized and prioritized. They would feel that caregivers will always be there for them to help them with anything in the house.

Provide companionship to decrease loneliness

Due to the caregiver being present all the time, their feeling of loneliness subsides. They would feel that they actually have someone to talk to rather than being left alone with no one. 

Provide insight and detect changes

Having a caregiver also helps in providing insights about the patients. They are able to detect any minor or major changes that are both noticeable and not.

Extra help and peace of mind

Being able to take care of your loved ones is basically like a part time job. Even when you are not physically present because you are at work or you need to do a supply run, your peace of mind is different when a caregiver is around.

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Family Values: An Everyday Reality, Not A Political Slogan

As a child growing up believing in values in and morale, I always believe that family is the foundation of each child. The character, the personality and the sense of maturity always comes from how you were reared as a child. Values, for me, should be something that is taught everyday and should start from the very first teachers of a child – her or his parents, her or his family.

How the world has changed overtime

Because of how the world has changed and could be how technology advanced too, the usual family values people respect and adapt have differed. Some do not even bother to respect their parents anymore. Some forget the basic etiquette of good manners and right conduct. Nowadays, values are taken for granted to the point that some of us use it as marketing, advertisement or even political slogan. This should not be the case. We cannot allow a world where everybody seems to be entitled and this is true as long as family values are continuously forgotten.

Possible reasons as to why values have been forgotten and taken for granted in the modern day

There are several reasons as to why the values most of us believed in have been taken for granted today. Below could be some:

  • Change
  • Technology
  • Popularity
  • Influence


As we all know, change is the only thing constant in this world. As we change to the land of modern technology, people eventually become more advanced and more scientific leading to forget the past beliefs. Nowadays, science and technology have been the main focus of professionals. The academe should be the best of the best and the usual values that are taught in school during the primary education are now merely just words with no content.


Because of how technology advanced, people tend to focus their strength on innovation, improvement and science. They have totally forgotten the usual sense of men and how men are supposed to be raised in this complicated world.


Kids grow up seeing violence in television – suicide bombings, multiple shootings and all the danger one may see in his own eyes and this may have triggered their psyche to follow what they see and believe that what they have been watching is right. We all know it isn’t, but who can stop them?


A number of reasons may be self-explanatory – social media, the media and influencers.

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What To Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse

Abusers in the family is not new. There are really people who tend to abuse family members and they tend to prey on the kids. I am not sure how and why they have the nerve to do things like these but most probably, it is something they have been used to up until the present. There are different types of abuse that you may want to consider. These may depend on how the predator works. Usually, sexual abuse is the most prominent, but abuse of elderly family members has become a large problem in recent years.

Below are the cases of abuse done by elder abuse:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Mental and emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

This is the most prominent case people experience from elder abuse. The abuser would usually sexually take advantage of the abused by deceit or force. It may even be conclusive to rape depending on the case. It does not matter if a force sexual intercourse was done. As long as the prey is sexually assaulted, this is now considered sexual abuse.

Mental and emotional abuse

This is what we can brainwashing in layman’s term. A lot of people who preys have been used to verbal abuse that when they experience it, they would not even know it is already mental abuse. This usually happens by making the prey believe that they are not worth it and that they do not deserve to be in this world. Some would even consider this as emotional blackmail because of now it not only affects one’s mental health but also one’s emotional health. There have been cases where preys committed suicide because of how deep the mental and emotional abuse have been done to them.

Verbal abuse

The most common abuse in the household in the verbal abuse. We basically get it everywhere, not only from the elder abusers but even from our friends, classmates and some, teachers. Verbal abuse is the use of foul words  to the prey that makes their self esteem low and questions their individuality.

Physical abuse

We also have the physical abuse that also happens mostly to wives. Domestic abuse has been very rampant that the cases this year have increased drastically than the previous years. Usually, the victims are the wives and the kids and usually, the predators are the husbands or the fathers. Most of the abusers end up in jail especially those who leave evident marks on their victims.

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Money-Saving Choice For Your Reception: A Wedding Tent

The truth behind weddings

We all know what a wedding looks like. Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that having a wedding would cost a fortune. It would defeat the culture if after the wedding, no reception would take place. The ceremony is great, do not get me wrong. However, we also need to think about other things. The cost of the gown, the entourage costs, the food, the reception, the flowers, the venue and even the church since most of the churches now would ask for donations once a wedding ceremony is held. It just is not easy.

Do it yourself!

If you think the cost would drown you, you could always decide to do it yourself. So how can we make this happen?

Old clothes

Instead of getting a well-known designer, tailor and couturier, you could always use old dresses for the ladies and old suit and tie for the guys. It would not be necessary to even pay for a wedding organizer if you decide to design everything yourself to begin with. Old dress laces with similar colors can be cut and be sewn simply and match the dresses’ designs with each other. The suit, tie and slacks for the guys can basically just be their existing ones. They just need to mix and match their clothes in a way where their clothes would more or less look the same. Easy as that!

Front or back yard

The ceremony itself can be done in your front or back yard. If you think it is not big enough, you can always ask a favor from a family member or a close friend who has one and get the ceremony done there instead. Imagine the amount you save!

Affordable food

Others actually hold their receptions in expensive hotels. I do not think that is practical enough. I would suggest having a catering instead. Or, if your friends or extended family members love you enough, you can ask them if they would be willing to cook for your wedding instead. This way, all you have to worry is the amount you’ll pay for the groceries.

The wedding tent

Given the circumstances where you actually celebrate the ceremony and the reception in your front or back yard, you would not want the rain to ruin the beautiful, intimate moment. In this case, you may want to ready a big enough tent for everyone to fit.

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Why Lasik Surgery Is So Important For Good Vision And Health

What is lasik surgery?

Lasik surgery is a well-known way to treat vision problems and improve vision health. If you have problems with your vision and you are using glasses or contact lenses, laser surgery can usually help. Laser surgery is designed to correct vision problems that lead to refractive errors. An imperfectly shaped cornea can usually lead to vision change or vision problems and causes blurred images. There are different kinds of refractive errors or problems that most of us experience. This is due to an object being not focused on where it should be in the eye’s retina.

Refractive errors

Refractive errors symbolize poor vision health. There are four types of basic refractive errors known by far:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia or aging eye


This is explained by basically seeing closer object clearly than the far ones. Objects near the person and sharp and clear as expected however, those far from the person may seem a little blurred than usual depending on the grade of your eyes.


This is the opposite of nearsightedness. Those that are far from the person can be seen clearly and sharp but those that are near the person may seem to be blurry.


Astigmatism would lead the person to have a blurred vision at any distance. Be it near or far, the person would be suffering from blurred vision. The reason behind this is that the cornea or lens or both are not shaped as is which may lead to images not being focused sharply on the retina.

Presbyopia or aging eye

The eye loses its power and capability to process due to natural degradation. Once you age, you eyes would age with you and this is the natural aging process. This usually occurs to people between fifty to sixty years old.

Laser procedures:

Lasik surgery may not be for everyone however, so far, those that I know had it did not have any complications. Lasik surgery can definitely help you with your vision, however, the procedure itself is one hundred percent costly. You cannot just book yourself for a laser surgery anytime. It has to have the right budgeting, planning and costings. Your doctor would advise you of the possible estimates, but it is still different if you had really saved up for it for a long time.

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Why Nuts And Seeds Are So Important For A Healthy Diet

Nuts and seeds

Both are actually very good sources of minerals, healthy fats, proteins, fibres and vitamins. They are able to regulate the body weight and help out in burning energy and fats in our body. They have other nutrients and unsaturated fats that can help and give positive effects against heart diseases. It is important and essential that nuts and seeds are included in our daily diet. It gives our body so many benefits and advantages that can help us lose weight and help us gain the right nutrients and vitamins our body needs.

What can be seen in nuts and seeds?

Both have about 29Kj per gram and are high in other nutrients:

  • Both are high monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats
  • They are also low in saturated fats
  • Dietary protein – they are a good source of this. They are also considered to be the best alternative for animal protein.
  • They are also high in amino acids – these actually help blood vessels healthy
  • No dietary cholesterol
  • Dietary fibre – they are high in dietary fibre
  • Phytochemicals – nuts have phytochemicals and are rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in vitamin E, b6, niacin, folate
  • Copper, selenium, phosphorus and potassium

The below are other lovely facts about including both in your diet:

  • Energy – eating seeds and nuts can actually increase the energy we burn. So if we are fond of going to the gym, our fat and energy burns faster when both are included in the diet
  • Fat absorber – based on the word itself, both are also considered as gat absorbers. They are able to absorb or suck most fats in our body and turn it to waste
  • Fullness – both can help us in minimizing food consumption. Because we experience being full and get rid of always being hungry, we tend to minimize our food intake.

The above are the best things about seeds and nuts. We should not forget including them in our diet as it helps our body positively and even help us achieve that long hoped for body goal.

Apart from it being very achievable, they are also considered to be cheap. You can find them easily in supermarkets, grocery stores and some even in our go to online stores. They do not cost much too which is another plus, you can buy them anywhere without thinking about hurting your pocket.

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