Smarter Financial Choice: Renting Or Buying Event Tents?

There are so many different takes about buying tents or renting tents as people have their own opinion about it. I seriously think the answer to this would depend on how often the tent will be used and what kind of tent this is. Anyway, if you think you are a one time tent user, it is best to actually just rent. Considering the amount of one tent, it would be best to just rent and pay for a certain amount if necessary. However, if you are someone who uses the tents regularly, renting tents would only just suck your money out. In this scenario, buying tents is better.

Benefits of renting a tent

  • One time charge
  • No problem in storage
  • Cost efficient
  • No problem in setting up

One time charge

Tents are not cheap. Depending on the kind of tent you use, a certain amount would have to be the bracket of how much tents are. It may actually be cheaper for you if you rent especially if the occasion is just a one time thing.

No problem in storage

Because you just rented the tent out, you would not have to worry about where to store the tents after usage. All you need to worry is for the owner to pick it up, disassemble and then it would be up to them where they store it.

Cost efficient

Because you only get charged one time for it, it becomes really, really cost efficient for renters. It would not be too heavy for them and can rent out again incase another once in a blue moon occasion happens.

No problem in setting up

Of course, the set up would be hassle free. The owner would have to set it up together with his team without worrying the renter how. This, by far, the best part.

There are so many advantages in renting out tents. However, if you use tents most often than not, I would rather suggest you buy one instead. You can even have it rented out instead of having it the other way around. This would definitely depend on the usage. Also, if big tents are mostly used, buying them would be so much better because renting them out would cost a fortune! So, you see, there are a lot of factors as to deciding whether to buy tents or rent tents.

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