Family Values: An Everyday Reality, Not A Political Slogan

As a child growing up believing in values in and morale, I always believe that family is the foundation of each child. The character, the personality and the sense of maturity always comes from how you were reared as a child. Values, for me, should be something that is taught everyday and should start from the very first teachers of a child – her or his parents, her or his family.

How the world has changed overtime

Because of how the world has changed and could be how technology advanced too, the usual family values people respect and adapt have differed. Some do not even bother to respect their parents anymore. Some forget the basic etiquette of good manners and right conduct. Nowadays, values are taken for granted to the point that some of us use it as marketing, advertisement or even political slogan. This should not be the case. We cannot allow a world where everybody seems to be entitled and this is true as long as family values are continuously forgotten.

Possible reasons as to why values have been forgotten and taken for granted in the modern day

There are several reasons as to why the values most of us believed in have been taken for granted today. Below could be some:

  • Change
  • Technology
  • Popularity
  • Influence


As we all know, change is the only thing constant in this world. As we change to the land of modern technology, people eventually become more advanced and more scientific leading to forget the past beliefs. Nowadays, science and technology have been the main focus of professionals. The academe should be the best of the best and the usual values that are taught in school during the primary education are now merely just words with no content.


Because of how technology advanced, people tend to focus their strength on innovation, improvement and science. They have totally forgotten the usual sense of men and how men are supposed to be raised in this complicated world.


Kids grow up seeing violence in television – suicide bombings, multiple shootings and all the danger one may see in his own eyes and this may have triggered their psyche to follow what they see and believe that what they have been watching is right. We all know it isn’t, but who can stop them?


A number of reasons may be self-explanatory – social media, the media and influencers.

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