What To Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse

Abusers in the family is not new. There are really people who tend to abuse family members and they tend to prey on the kids. I am not sure how and why they have the nerve to do things like these but most probably, it is something they have been used to up until the present. There are different types of abuse that you may want to consider. These may depend on how the predator works. Usually, sexual abuse is the most prominent, but abuse of elderly family members has become a large problem in recent years.

Below are the cases of abuse done by elder abuse:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Mental and emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

This is the most prominent case people experience from elder abuse. The abuser would usually sexually take advantage of the abused by deceit or force. It may even be conclusive to rape depending on the case. It does not matter if a force sexual intercourse was done. As long as the prey is sexually assaulted, this is now considered sexual abuse.

Mental and emotional abuse

This is what we can brainwashing in layman’s term. A lot of people who preys have been used to verbal abuse that when they experience it, they would not even know it is already mental abuse. This usually happens by making the prey believe that they are not worth it and that they do not deserve to be in this world. Some would even consider this as emotional blackmail because of now it not only affects one’s mental health but also one’s emotional health. There have been cases where preys committed suicide because of how deep the mental and emotional abuse have been done to them.

Verbal abuse

The most common abuse in the household in the verbal abuse. We basically get it everywhere, not only from the elder abusers but even from our friends, classmates and some, teachers. Verbal abuse is the use of foul words  to the prey that makes their self esteem low and questions their individuality.

Physical abuse

We also have the physical abuse that also happens mostly to wives. Domestic abuse has been very rampant that the cases this year have increased drastically than the previous years. Usually, the victims are the wives and the kids and usually, the predators are the husbands or the fathers. Most of the abusers end up in jail especially those who leave evident marks on their victims.

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